Best Sites Where You Can Buy Instagram Followers 2024 (Active, Instant & Legit)

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Best Sites Where You Can Buy Instagram Followers 2024 (Active, Instant & Legit)

It’s not a secret. In order to build a successful brand, grow a company, or become a content- producing celebrity, you have to have a robust presence on social media.

And for most businesses and would-be influencers and celebrities, Instagram is a crucial place to be. The platform has nearly 2.5 billion active users (that’s billion, with a “b”) every month.

Reaching a large number of those users isn’t easy, though. Instagram has to make difficult decisions about which content to display widely, and they use computerized algorithms to do it.

Those algorithms give enormous weight to IG accounts that already have huge followings — and that creates a troubling catch-22:

How do relatively new users get people to view and like their videos, and follow their account, if they aren’t already popular?

The answer is simple. They buy Instagram followers to prime the pump.

Purchased followers aren’t going to buy products or become huge fans of a celebrity, of course. And that’s fine. That’s not the reason to buy IG followers.

Instead, they’ll convince Instagram’s algorithms that your account is a popular one. That means the system will display your content to many more users on their “Explore” page. And as long as your content is interesting and compelling, you’ll see your “real” follower count begin to soar.

There’s one catch, though. You have to purchase followers from a service provider that knows what they’re doing. The “wrong type” of followers could hurt your account, not help it.

Here are the 2 best services to consider.

Best Sites for Instagram Followers in 2024

We recommend and as the best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2024. It’s not a secret. In order to build a successful brand, grow a company, or become a content- producing celebrity, you have to have a robust presence on social media.

1. Smmsav – #1 Instagram service provide

For the third year in a row, the company has ranked as the #1 Instagram service provider — for very good reasons.

First and most importantly, all of the interactions that Smmsav delivers are authentic. You’ll receive high-quality real followers, from real users, with real accounts. That’s the only type of follow that IG’s algorithms will recognize, and they’re the key to Instagram growth.

There’s much more to consider, too. Smmsav offers six followers packages, all aimed at users who are just beginning their Instagram journey. You can purchase anywhere from 5,000 followers, at prices that are among the lowest you’ll find anywhere (starting at just $1.00). If you need more than 5,000 followers, they’ll work with you to develop a custom package.

Looking for more oomph? Smmsav can also supply followers from “active” accounts that post regularly, which will give your boost even more juice. They can also deliver IG likes and video views at prices that are just as reasonable.

Delivery begins within a few minutes of your order, and all of your interactions arrive within 24 hours. The service offers multiple payment options, never asks for your password, and provides outstanding customer support.

But don’t just take our word for it. Publications like Forbes rank Smmsav as the best place to buy Instagram followers, and some of the web’s most prominent social media influencers use their services regularly. It’s our #1 choice.

2. Cheap followers service provide

It may not be long before Followersav is challenging other service providers for the #1 spot on our list.

This social media provider offers services very much like Smmsav’s. The followers they deliver are authentic IG users, meaning Instagram won’t delete them or penalize your account. In fact, they sell packages of as many as 1 Million followers. (They can also provide up to 1 Million “active” followers.) And they’ll provide authentic likes and views for your videos, too.

Delivery starts soon after your order, but it may take as long as two days for all of your followers to show up. Followersav says that makes the process seem even more normal to Instagram’s algorithms. We don’t think the extra time makes that much difference, but apparently some customers like the delay.

Followersav’s pricing is reasonable, customer support is good, and they’re happy to create custom packages of interactions for you, or refer you to a third-party service that will set up recurring IG follower packages for you.

Followersav may not be the very best choice for Instagram followers, but it’s a darned good one.

What to Know before Buying Instagram Followers

More than anything else, you need to know that not all Instagram followers are the same.

Needless to say, the platform wants to see real follows, from real users, with real accounts. They’ve even created systems to detect “fake” followers generated by automated bots. Fake followers are quickly removed from IG accounts, and the accounts could be penalized or completely banned from the system.

Here’s where that becomes a problem: many so-called “social media” services that sell followers have based their businesses on selling engagements created by bots.

They may have fancy websites and make big promises — but they’re just scamming you. They’ll deliver fake followers who will be deleted from your account in just hours or days. You’ll end up no better than when you started, and you will have lost your money and possibly your account too.

Choosing the right Instagram service provider is crucial. You have to find one that’s built a network of real IG users who will follow your account once you’ve placed your order.

That’s why our 2 recommended sites for buying Instagram followers will help — and not hurt — your efforts to build your social media popularity. Most can also supply Instagram likes and views to add even more to your account’s reputation and authority.

How does all that work? Glad you asked.

The Importance of Buying Followers

We’ve already mentioned that adding lots of followers convinces Instagram that your account is important enough to deserve lots of exposure. It’s really the only way to break through the platform’s artificial barrier, which prevents smaller accounts from building large organic followings on their own.

There’s another reason to buy Instagram followers, too. It’s called “social proof.” We’ll illustrate this with an example:

Which IG video would you be more likely to watch? One with four likes, posted by an account with 75 followers? Or one with 794,000 likes posted by an account with 2,947,108 followers?

Exactly. You’ll probably ignore the first video, and be curious about the second. Content that’s obviously popular is going to attract your attention. You’ll want to see what the fuss is all about.

That’s social proof. We’re all more likely to be interested in investigating or buying something once we know a large number of people already like it. Their opinions are “proof” that the product is worth checking out.

That’s why adding followers to your Instagram account will make your videos more enticing to people who have no idea who you are. Even better, if your content is valuable or entertaining, there’s a good chance that they’ll like it — and then follow your account.

Poof! There’s the Instagram growth you’ve been looking for.

Taking the First Step

Buying Instagram followers is a simple process.

  • You decide how many followers you want to add (some providers have customer service reps who will help with the decision if you’re not sure).
  • You give the service your Instagram username (so they know what account should receive the followers) and your email address (so they can deliver a report).
  • You place your order, and your new followers usually arrive within a few minutes.

Buying IG followers is extremely inexpensive, and as long as you use a reputable vendor who provides real followers from real accounts, it’s extremely effective.