Buy Instagram Likes: 2 Best Sites Tried & Tested by Celebrities 2024

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How do viral videos go viral on Instagram in 2024?

Obviously, they have to be great videos. Some are informative, most are funny — but they all have one thing in common: they’ve been shown to a huge audience. You can’t get millions of views and likes unless Instagram is showing your content to millions of people.

Readers with IG accounts know how preposterous that sounds. When you post a fabulous video, how many views and likes does it actually get? 10? 50? 100?

Buy Instagram Likes: 2 Best Sites Tried & Tested by Celebrities 2024

You need some way to jumpstart your content’s popularity in order to go viral. And I’ve learned how to do it.

My Formula for Instagram Popularity

Stay with me for a minute, because this may sound like bull. But trust me — this recipe is easy and it works.

  1. Start with great content. No matter how you promote it, no one will want to watch a crappy video.
  2. Buy Instagram likes for your posts. Be sure they’re “real” likes and not “fake” ones; I’ll talk a lot about that in this article.
  3. Sit back and watch your videos become more and more popular, building up views and likes from a new audience.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Why would that work? It’s simple. Instagram’s algorithms won’t display content widely unless it’s already popular. When you add more real likes to your videos — even if they’ve been purchased from a provider — the system sees the videos becoming popular and shows them to a larger audience.

Those new viewers will like your great content, like it, and your popularity will begin skyrocketing.

I’ll explain the process in greater detail shortly. But let’s get right to the good stuff: where I buy my Instagram likes. (BTW: Thanks to XLent Media Services, who collaborated with me on this article.)

The 2 Best Sites Where You Can Buy Instagram Likes

The best sites to buy Instagram likes in 2024 are easily and

1. Smmsav

It’s always nice to have confirmation. I’d been using regularly Smmsav for quite a while when I saw that publications like Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur and LA Weekly had put the Instagram provider at the top of their rankings, too.

  • Quality: The likes are extremely high-quality, all real likes from real IG users with real accounts, and packages from 50-10,000 are available. Their real followers are just as good and all of their interactions arrive very quickly.
  • Options: You can order (for an added fee) more powerful “premium” likes which provide extra power, and you can also opt to have your likes delivered gradually. They also give you free video views with all likes packages.
  • Price: Even though Smmsav’s interactions are high-end, their prices are extremely fair. They don’t charge any more than other premium services, and they often come in at lower prices starting at less than $1.50.
  • Service: Customer service reps are available 24/7 and are exceptionally helpful. They’re also happy to craft custom packages of likes, followers, and views.
  • Security: The engagements never put your account in danger and the ordering process on a secure server guarantees your personal information stays private.
  • Results: I’ve seen better results from Smmsav’s Instagram likes than from any other provider, helping me send quite a few videos viral. (And their likes have been a driving force in my Instagram growth to becoming an influencer.)

They’re the best provider I’ve used.


And Followersav is the second-best provider I’ve used. Truthfully, I still use them as my #1 backup when I want engagements from different networks of users.

Almost everything about Followersav is very similar to Smmsav.

  • Quality: High-quality likes from real Instagram users, packages available from 50-10,000 likes, fast delivery.
  • Options: “Premium” likes are available, you can choose slower delivery and free video views are included.
  • Price: Followersav’s prices are almost the same as Smmsav’s: very reasonable.
  • Service: 24-hour customer support and custom packages are available.
  • Security: Both your account and your personal information are fully protected.

There’s just one reason why I use Smmsav much more often.

  • Results: Followersav’s results have been good, but they haven’t quite measured up to the results I get from Smmsav’s real likes.

I still highly recommend them.

The Process That Helped My Instagram Videos Go Viral

I promised at the start of this article to go into more depth about the process I use to take my Instagram videos from a handful of viewers to millions of them. And I try to always keep my promises.

1. Start With Great Content

Most people start by producing videos, of course. They just don’t pay enough attention to the quality of their content.

My advice is to spend a lot of time critically watching videos that have racked up millions of views — and figuring out why they were so successful. You’ll probably notice several things:

  • The video looks really good. No one will watch content that’s shaky or fuzzy, poorly lit, or has bad audio.
  • The video grabs your attention in the first five seconds. If there’s nothing compelling at the start, your audience will just keep scrolling.
  • The video isn’t too long. People’s attention spans are short these days, particularly on social media.
  • The video triggers an emotion. Viewers want to be entertained, even in an informational video.A great one makes you say “wow,” “aww,” “no way!” — or simply laugh — and want to share it with friends.

Then evaluate your own videos to see where (or if) they fall short. That will let you figure out if you need better equipment, better concepts, or better planning. Then you can create content that may go viral.

2. Buy Instagram Likes for Your Posts

The key thing to know about buying Instagram likes: they have to be real likes.

What does that mean? Simply that they have to come from real IG users with real IG accounts. Those are the engagements that reputable sellers — like the ones I’ve recommended — provide.

What you should never use are so-called “fake” likes created by unsavory vendors with the help of automated bots. Fake likes aren’t connected to an Instagram account so it’s easy for the platform to find and delete them.

When that happens, you’ve lost the money you invested in IG likes, but it can get worse. Instagram often penalizes users for using fake engagements and sometimes deletes their entire accounts.

People regularly ask “How many likes should I buy?” There’s no “right” answer. I started small with just 100 likes at a time; I thought buying 10,000 likes for a video with a tiny likes count would be suspicious. As my account grew and I regularly received lots of organic likes, I increased the size of my purchases.

3. Sit Back and Watch Your Instagram Videos Become Popular

This is the fun part.

After the likes you’ve bought have arrived, you’ll see your likes count continue to increase. Those are the new, organic viewers you’ve attracted now that your content is being shown more widely across Instagram.

A word of caution, though. A small account is unlikely to be able to “goose” a video enough so it will go viral. Buying likes is part of a longer-term process. As you accumulate new followers and build IG popularity, your videos will be starting at a higher level — and will have a higher ceiling.

Be patient…and meanwhile…

4. Rinse and Repeat

In other words, keep doing what you’ve been doing. The more often you buy Instagram likes for your videos, the more popular your account will become and the more benefit you’ll receive from your purchased likes.

The process can take a while — but it’s worth it!